How to start running


I am sharing this small piece of worthy information in the form of tips, from a
running workshop I recently attended. The presenter was a CEO and co-founder of some XXX company (I am really bad with memorising skills). He has done many long runs and has real good titles in his name including 2nd place in the 24 hours continuous run (65 km).

Running helps not only the lower part of your body as many people assume, but it’s responsible for your complete body workout.

This is all I gathered:

For proper outputs:

  • Upper body training : Do regular push-ups and basic weight training.
  • Core/middle body workouts : Do planks, high planks, side planks to make your middle body strong.
  • Lower body training : Do squats, squat holds.

Breathing pattern and proper body form is equally important:

1. Exhale and inhale through your nose. Use mouth only when extremely necessary. Do some breathing exercises we have in Yoga like Anulom-Vilom, a few minutes of deep breathing when not working out, etc.
2. Keep your body straight all the way. Bend a little forward (about 5-10 deg) while you run. But keep your body straight.
3. Keep your shoulders relaxed.
4. The angle between your arm and your forearm should be maintained at around 90 degrees. Don’t close your fists. Let them be open.
5. Land with your foot below your knee. (Straight line)
6. Keep your chest expanded.
7. Don’t move your upper body left or right while running.

7 healthy tips for proper running


If you want to burn 1 pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories. If you want to do it in a week’s time, then you have to either burn 500 calories more than what you eat in a day or eat 500 calories less. Simple.

Initially, the body utilises/burns carbs, then it moves towards fats and then finally muscles get burned. You might have seen people, who run long in Marathons, have a slim-trim body. Before running, ensure that you give your food ample time to digest. Else you may feel cramps on the sides of your body while running. This is also called side stitch.

If you start your running early in the morning, you can go empty stomach. In case you feel like you need energy, go for a single banana. That too, about 30 minutes before starting. Not only food, water also needs to get properly digested/assimilated in your system. So don’t drink too much water before running. You can have sips of it in between while you run.

Running improves your muscle strength, joints and your cardiovascular endurance. Ensure that you eat enough carbs, fibre and proteins after workout.

Runner's diet
Runner’s diet

Rest is exercise:

Taking 7-9 hours of sleep is really important if you work out. Your body and mind will not respond properly if you don’t have enough rest.

Stretching is also an important part of relaxation. So before you go for running, do a proper warm up. Also, post running session, do some cool down exercises.


Injuries are part of any exercise. While you run, you may feel pain in your calf muscles. For this, massage your calves and do stretching exercise related to them post running. If the problem is with the shin muscles, it is comparatively grave. Shin muscles can pain in only two conditions:

  • You are running too fast.
  • You are running very much, too early. So keep it slow and steady.

Take it slow. Don’t rush up for a marathon just because other people are going for it. Know yourself. Keep long term goals with short term strategies. You can do this by
starting to go for really easy runs with very less speed to build stamina for a good course of time (may be 3-4 weeks).

Gradually increase your speed after the above goal is achieved. Prepare for a 5K run, then 10K run, etc.

Keep learning continuously. Google the facts or ask someone who is already running. Sharing is caring.

Common Running Symptoms

Additional points:

Keep your mind engaged instead of distracted while you do any exercise. So for example if you are doing squats, your mind should constantly focus on the hamstrings and lower body muscles in order to gain output from that exercise.

Do it regularly even if you can’t run what you could run yesterday. Keep yourself motivated by whatever reason you find. Keep fooling/bribing your mind. Keep yourself fit and fine to make your life more beautiful.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle

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